Wireless Game Leaders Head to Austin Confab

Matching the vid game industry’s increasing focus on wireless platforms, this year’s Austin Game Conference is offering a comprehensive side-bar on the subject. The confab’s ... Continue Reading →

Recent War Sparks War Games

The war in Iraq may still be raging in one form or another, but that hasn’t stopped a video game company from developing a title using footage and scenarios from the latest Gulf ... Continue Reading →

Guide to That Big Break Now Available

Wanna get plugged into the game? Or, to be more precise, the game developer world? Just in time, Game Developer’s 2003 Game Career Guide is now available at most major newsstands ... Continue Reading →

Gamer’s Day in City by the Bay

San Francisco gamers who can’t wait to get their hands on the newest Sony product will get a pre-holiday shot this weekend. Sony Online Entertainment, a worldwide leader in massively ... Continue Reading →

Chess King Takes On Computer in Gotham

One of the greatest chess players ever, Gary Kasparov, is set to take on a computer rival in New York City for one week in November. X3D Technologies today announced the ultimate “X3D ... Continue Reading →

EA to AOL: Pay to Play, Please

In a sign of how far AOL has fallen in the eyes of just about everybody, video game publishing giant Electronic Arts is asking AOL to pay them to keep EA games a part of AOL’s ... Continue Reading →

Final Fantasy Opens Windows For Gamers

Final Fantasy XI for Windows will begin shipping to North American users just in time for Halloween 2003. The first online title in the world-renowned series, Fantasy is a cross-platform, ... Continue Reading →

Lilo & Stitch Get Game On

When Buena Vista Home Entertainment releases the VHS/DVD version of Stitch The Movie later this month, it’ll do so with a multi-million dollar marketing push leading up to the ... Continue Reading →

Gamers Game For Late-Summer Blighty Binge

On a hot late-summer day, nothing is quite as enervating (or pungent) as the Earl’s Court Road subway station in London. This August, however, there’ll be at least three ... Continue Reading →

Sony Offers Freebees to Qwest DSL Users

Qwest Communications Int’l Inc. and Sony Pictures Digital Networks have forged an agreement to provide some of today’s most popular Sony entertainment and gaming services ... Continue Reading →