Hellboy 2 Moves to Universal

Following the demise of Revolution Studios, which released the first Hellboy pic in Aril of 2004, the sequel has been homeless until now. Daily Variety reports that director Guillermo ... Continue Reading →

Disney, Toei Building Robodeiz

Daily Variety reports that Walt Disney Television has teamed with Toei Animation to produce Robodiez, an action-adventure series that will combine live-action and CG animation. The ... Continue Reading →

Editor’s Note: Can the New Disney Regime Revive 2D?

We reported back in March that Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger told shareholders that 2D animation would be considered as an option for feature production under the new animation studio ... Continue Reading →

‘Corpse Bride’ Joins Potter Cast

Academy Award nominee Helena Bonham Carter has enrolled for the next semester at Hogwarts. Having recently lent her voice to the Oscar-nominated stop-motion features Tim Burton’s ... Continue Reading →

Sony Checks into Hotel Transylvaina

As Warner Bros.’ Monster House, holds its own at the box office, Daily Variety reports Sony will create its own monster abode with its third toon feature, Hotel Transylvania. ... Continue Reading →

Ledger is Joker in Next Batman

At the end of 2005′s Batman Begins, the stage is set for the introduction of a certain grinning criminal mastermind. Now Warner Bros. Pictures has confirmed rumors that Brokeback ... Continue Reading →

Unnatural History Coming to Public TV

Public television producer Thirteen/WNET New York has teamed with Unnatural Prods. to co-produce a 3D-animated educational children’s series titled Unnatural History. Over the ... Continue Reading →

No Picnic for Ant Bully

Warner Bros.’ big-screen CG cartoon, The Ant Bully, was bested over the weekend by fellow openers Miami Vice from Universal and John Tucker Must Die from 20th Century Fox. According ... Continue Reading →

Editor’s Note: Meeting Santa & Rudolph

One of those childhood favorites that got me interested in animation at an early age was the Rankin & Bass stop-motion holiday classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. When I was ... Continue Reading →

Ant Bully Floods Theaters

Warner Bros. hopes to sink Disney’s Pirates sequel and shutter Sony’s Monster House with its latest CG-animated feature, The Ant Bully. Opening across North America today, ... Continue Reading →