Disney Disses Eisner Again

Roy E. Disney continues his campaign to oust Mouse House CEO Michael Eisner and restore former glory to the company that bears his family name.’ On Tuesday, Disney filed a document ... Continue Reading →

DreamWorks May Be Shopping Ani Unit

According to reports in The New York Post and Forbes.com, DreamWorks may move its animation unit out of house by spinning it off to another major studio. Under the speculated deal, ... Continue Reading →

DreamWorks Taps Scribe for Monkey Business

Whatever may be happening with DreamWorks’ reported plans to spin off its animation unit, the studio is still plugging away at developing new animated features. Daily Variety ... Continue Reading →

Fear Effect Game for Big Screen

Entertainment software publisher/developer Eidos has optioned the film and television rights to its video game franchise Fear Effect to producer and director Uwe Boll and his production ... Continue Reading →

Euro-Rich Days for French Ani House Carrere

Top French animation shop Carrere Group has reported 80.4 million euros ($100 million) in consolidated revenues for 2003, according to Daily Variety. This marks an 11% rise over the ... Continue Reading →

With Pixar Gone, How Will Eisner Fare?

When Disney shareholders get together on March 3, Michael Eisner and his team could be in for a bumpy ride. Now that Pixar has all but said good-bye, the case that Eisner critics have ... Continue Reading →

Hitchhiker’s Guide Finally Lands Film Deal

With hip-hop artist/actor Mos Def and Gen-Y darling Zooey Deschanel on-board, the cult fave The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is finally making it to the big screen. Co-produced ... Continue Reading →

Imax Dives in with Coral Reef Adventure

If you’ve had enough of animated fish, no matter how brilliantly rendered, MacGillivray Freeman Films’ latest Imax offering Coral Reef Adventure may be just the ticket. ... Continue Reading →

Marvel, Sony Take the Gloves Off, Again

There is, as the joke goes, two kinds of accounting. The real kind and Hollywood’s. As long as the sun shines on the planet, creatives and studios will argue about what the real ... Continue Reading →

Shrek 2 Makes Cannes See Green

Talk about a classy start to what should be a big-budget bang at this summer’s box office. DreamWorks has announced that the much-anticipated Shrek 2 has been selected for the ... Continue Reading →