New Line Rings in Another Fantasy Trilogy

Fresh off the phenomenal success of its Lord of the Rings trilogy, New Line Cinema is looking to make a tentpole of another literary series based in fantasy. According to Daily Variety, ... Continue Reading →

Ogre-the-Top Box Office

DreamWorks’ animated Shrek 2 did boffo box office over the weekend, shattering records and proving that the big green guy still has what it takes to hang with a certain blue and ... Continue Reading →

Arturion Ent. Closes Acquisition of Stan Lee’s POW!

Arturion Ent. Inc. has completed its acquisition of POW! Ent., of which comic book legend Stan Lee is chief creative officer. Under the arrangement, first announced in the fourth quarter ... Continue Reading →

Shrek 2: Great Green Box-Office Hero?

If the numbers for DreamWorks’ animated sequel, Shrek 2’s opening day are any indication, it’s going to be a busy weekend for the friendly CG ogre. The sequel to 1999’s ... Continue Reading →

Lucas’ THX: Bigger, Better and Re-Mastered

George Lucas’ THX 1138, which is considered one of the seminal sci fi works of the ’70s has got a face lift and will be released in theaters this September. The 1970 movie, ... Continue Reading →

El Cid Scores a U.S. Date

Spanish animated feature, El Cid: The Legend, will make its U.S. debut in September, thanks to new distributor Hannover House. According to Daily Variety, the Filmax-produced epic toon, ... Continue Reading →

Sin City Graphic Novel Inspires Noir Movie

Director Robert Rodriguez has announced the cast of his next project, Sin City, based on the acclaimed graphic novel series by Frank Miller (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns). Variety ... Continue Reading →

Shrek 2 Sees Green Today in Theaters

After three years of resting in his swamp with his true love, DreamWorks’ Oscar-winning CG ogre, Shrek, will be having a brand new adventure on the big screen today. Directed ... Continue Reading →

Maya Works Its Magic in Mexico

It’s a big week for Mexican feature animation as production begins on director Ricardo Arnaiz’s new project, Maya. Produced by actor Bruno Bichir and pop singer Emmanuel ... Continue Reading →

Zemeckis Develops Case of Measles

Robert Zemeckis is getting hooked on performance capture animation. The director, who is helming this holiday season’s The Polar Express is also looking at the three-book series ... Continue Reading →