Witch Mountain to Challenge Watchmen

The big question going into this weekend’s movie openings is whether Watchmen can hang on to the top spot. Zack Snyder’s hyper-faithful adaptation of the Alan Moore and ... Continue Reading →

Marvel Sets 4th Date With Spidey, Delays Avengers Releases

Marvel Studios has set May 6, 2011, as the day Spider-Man 4 will hit theaters, while also bumping back planned release dates for its Thor, Captain America and Avengers films. The studio ... Continue Reading →

Animation Magazine’s Oscar Watch

Shorts Race Emerges as Sublime Global Sampler. The conventional wisdom about animated shorts is that they can spotlight emerging talent, test new techniques or explore subjects that ... Continue Reading →

Telekinesis to the Rescue

The career of visual effects supervisor Kent Houston has straddled opposite ends of the genre’s spectrum, from the outrageous imagery of Terry Gilliam’s Monty Python and ... Continue Reading →

Mr. Selick’s Other-Worldly Magic

How the brilliant Henry Selick and his team at LAIKA used 3-D stopmotion to recreate the world of Coraline. In Neil Gaiman’s popular novella Coraline, a young girl discovers an ... Continue Reading →

Princess and the Frog Gets Earlier Release

The Walt Disney Co. has moved up the release date for its 2D animated musical feature The Princess and the Frog to Dec. 11. Previously set to open on Christmas Day, the movie also will ... Continue Reading →

DreamWorks Drives Dinotrux Deal

Chris Gall’s (There’s Nothing to Do in Mars, Dear Fish) upcoming children’s book Dinotrux is on track to evolve into a CG-animated film at DreamWorks. The studio optioned ... Continue Reading →

Miller to Take Anime to Mad Max

Mad Max, star of a trilogy of popular action films in the 1980s, could return to the big screen as a 3D anime-style feature. George Miller, who directed all three Max films and won ... Continue Reading →

Watchmen Watchers Spend $55 Million

As expected, Watchmen‘adapted from the acclaimed DC Comics graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’dominated the weekend box office, raking in $55.7 million dollars ... Continue Reading →

Johnson Adds Voice to Holy Cow!

Dwayne Johnson has signed on to voice a tough Texas steer in the animated feature Holy Cow!, Variety reports. The project is a joint effort between Johnson’s company, White Buffalo ... Continue Reading →