Phreex Next for Shrek, Valiant Producer

One of the most successful animation producers in recent years, John H. Williams (Shrek, Valiant), has announced his next project: Phreex, an animated feature, revolves around a group ... Continue Reading →

Post-Pixar Disney Unveils Ani Plans

Against the backdrop of swirling rumors that Pixar might come back to the Disney fold now that Michael Eisner is retiring, Walt Disney Feature Animation publicly unveiled its next five ... Continue Reading →

Batman Begins, Finally!

Hey, have you heard? A little film called Batman Begins opens today. And you might want to check it out. After, shall we say, some lackluster interregnum years following Tim Burton’s ... Continue Reading →

Eleven Centuries Later, Beowulf Still Kickin’ It.

If only the descendants of the guy who wrote the Old English poem Beowulf in the 11th Century had a contract for all-rights for the rest of eternity. Because then, with a great agent ... Continue Reading →

Madagascar, Miyazaki Keep Up with Brangelina

Now that the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie bondage and discipline tent-pole flick has opened and given them a personal best (an estimated $51.1 million stateside over the weekend), perhaps ... Continue Reading →

Miyazaki Meets Shark Boy in U.S. Theaters

The eagerly awaited Howl’s Moving Castle, the latest traditionally animated epic from master filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki, begins its limited North American theatrical run today, ... Continue Reading →

CaféFX Swims with Shark Boy and Lava Girl

When does 150 visual effects shots become 300? When working on a stereoscopic 3D movie, according to CaféFX, one of the vfx studios that lent its talents to director Robert Rodriguez’s ... Continue Reading →

IDT, 20th Century Fox Pact for Toons

IDT Ent., which has been snatching up animation and vfx studios left and right since its establishment in November of 2003, now has a major studio to distribute its animated features. ... Continue Reading →

Disney, Pixar In “Really Good Discussions”

Disney president, chief operating officer and CEO-Elect Bob Iger spoke at the Deutsche Bank’s 13th Annual Media/Telecom Conference on Tuesday, mentioning that striking a new deal ... Continue Reading →

New Line Eyes We3 Comic Book

Mini-majorDaily Variety reports that New Line Cinema is working out a deal to acquire rights to the comic book series We3, published by DC Comics under its Vertigo label. If the buy ... Continue Reading →