Burton Deals Glover Into Alice

The cast continues to assemble for director Tim Burton’s live-action/CG version of Alice in Wonderland. The Hollywood Reporter brings word that oddball actor/filmmaker Crispin ... Continue Reading →

New York Has Fear(s) of the Dark

If you live in New York, make a point to see the new French animated feature Fear(s) of the Dark (Peur(s) du noir). Distributed by IFC Ent., the critically acclaimed festival favorite ... Continue Reading →

Good Vibes Cast Takes Shape

The FOX Network has assembled a group of actors to lend their voices to the pilot episode of the potential animated TV series Good Vibes. Daily Variety reports that Josh Gad (Back to ... Continue Reading →

Craig Turns Down Thor

As hot as superhero movies are these days, it’s hard to imagine an actor turning down the opportunity to be part of what could be another blockbuster cash machine. Nonetheless, ... Continue Reading →

Green to Adapt Freaks Comic

Filmmaker David Gordon Green, who is writing and directing the animated pilot Good Vibes for FOX, is turning to the world of graphic novels for his next feature project. According to ... Continue Reading →

Max Payne Shoots to the Top

The latest video game to make the leap to the big screen, Max Payne proved a hit with moviegoers over the weekend. Twentieth Century Fox’s adaptation of the Rockstar Games title ... Continue Reading →

Warner Bros. Embarks on Space Odyssey

Happy Feet director George Miller has reportedly been approached by Warner Bros. to direct an outer-space version of Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey. According to Daily Variety, ... Continue Reading →

Payne Comes to Theaters

Rockstar Games’ popular video-game franchise makes a bid to erect a feature film tentpole with today’s release of 20th Century Fox’s Max Payne. The studio is hoping ... Continue Reading →

Howard Out, Cheadle In for Iron Man 2

Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 2 will go into production minus one Oscar nominee. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Terrence Howard is being replaced by Don Cheadle in the role of ... Continue Reading →

Keyframe, Kavaleer Take On Sock Monsters

Digital animation and visual effects studio Keyframe Digital Prods. has teamed with Dublin, Ireland-based Kavaleer Prods. to co-develop an animated children’s series dubbed Sock ... Continue Reading →