Eisner Gets Thumbs Down from Big Disney Shareholder

Citing the Walt Disney Co.’s dismal performance for the last five years and a lack of confidence in the long-term strategic vision of the company, the California Public Employees’ ... Continue Reading →

Kids’ WB! Puts Boom in 2004-2005 Sched.

Kids’ WB! has released its 2004-2005 schedule, which will include two new animated series and two live-action projects. In addition to the previously announced actioner The Batman, ... Continue Reading →

pasi’s Saperstein to Sing to the Dawn

Minfong Ho’s award-winning children’s book, Sing to the Dawn, is getting the CG feature-film treatment by Raintree Pictures, Silicon Illusions and Media Development Authority ... Continue Reading →

Cool Zone: Submitted for your approval: Spy Kids 3D: Game Over

We talk a lot about 2D and 3D in this industry, but the 3D commonly referred to still exists on a two-dimensional plane. What writer/director Robert Rodriguez’s latest addition ... Continue Reading →

Cosgrove Hall Starts Production on The Wumblers

Manchester-based animation house Cosgrove Hall has begun production on on The Wumblers, a 52×11 2D preschool series for Peak Ent. and The Silly Goose Co. The Wumblers is described ... Continue Reading →

Sony Buyout Rumblings Spur Pixar Stock Spike

A rumor that Sony was set to make a buyout bid for Pixar caused the computer animation studio’s stocks to rise $2.30 per share Thursday, according to CBS.MarketWatch.com. The ... Continue Reading →

Sony Animation Announces First Feature, Cast

Sony Pictures Animation, the year-old division of Sony Pictures Digital, today announced that the first animated feature to come out of the pipeline will be Open Season, a CG comedy ... Continue Reading →

Roy vs. Eisner: Secrets of Destino Revealed!

Roy E. Disney kept information about the making of the Oscar-nominated short Destino from Disney chairman Michael Eisner, a juicy story in today’s Los Angeles Times reveals. The ... Continue Reading →

Disney Goes Gonzo for Muppets

Move over Mouse. A frog and a few of his friends are moving in. The Walt Disney Co. has acquired the Muppets and Bear in the Big Blue House properties from The Jim Henson Co. for an ... Continue Reading →

Kevin Smith to Helm Hornet

Filmmaker Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy) is putting staple characters Jay and Silent Bob to the side to focus on a completely different dynamic duo. The self-professed comic fan-boy ... Continue Reading →