Woo Loads Caliber Comic Pic

Famed action movie director John Woo (Face/Off, Hard Boiled) has signed on to helm a filmed adaptation of the Radical Comics’ Caliber, according to Daily Variety. Johnny Depp’s ... Continue Reading →

Sony Cooks Up 3-D Meatballs for 2010

Sony Pictures Animation’s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs will be the studio’s first animated release created specifically for stereoscopic 3-D. According to The Hollywood ... Continue Reading →

Warner Bros. Orbits Capcom’s Lost Planet

Warner Bros. is again taking on the tricky task of adapting a popular video game for the big screen. This time, the studio has signed on to distribute a pic based on the Capcom hit ... Continue Reading →

Dark Knight Continues to Sell Out

Warner Bros.’ The Dark Knight continues on its path to bona fide blockbuster status. First, online movie ticket seller Fandango.com reported sold-out screenings of the Batman ... Continue Reading →

Hellboy Scorches Competition

Universal’s Hellboy II: The Golden Army earned an estimated $35.8 million to lead a somewhat week post-holiday weekend at the North American box office. Director Guillermo del ... Continue Reading →

Wild Things Further Delayed

Bringing a kid lit classic to the screen sounds like a slam-dunk proposition, but Warner Bros.’ $80 million adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are is having ... Continue Reading →

Fly Me to the Moon Trailer Blasts Off

Insects space out in 3-D this summer in the CG-animated family feature Fly Me to the Moon from Illuminata Pictures and nWave Pictures. Developed specifically for stereoscopic 3-D exhibition, ... Continue Reading →

Hellboy, Journey, Dave Meet in Theaters

The summer of CG effects continues as New Line Cinema’s 3-D adaptation of the Jules Verne classic Journey to the Center of the Earth goes toe-to-toe with Universal’s Hellboy ... Continue Reading →

DC, Warner to Form Super Strategy

Warner Bros. is sure to make a killing with the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight, but plans for its DC Comics properties are sketchy beyond that. Daily Variety reports that the two ... Continue Reading →

Sony Claims Planet 51

New Line Cinema’s aborted mission has become Sony’s new animation invasion plan. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group has bought ... Continue Reading →