Sling Cah-ching!

Sony/Columbia Pictures’ Spider-Man 3 raked in $151 million domestically over the weekend to bring its opening week worldwide gross to a whopping $382 million. Seen on a record ... Continue Reading →

Director Eyed for Next Shrek

A day after the Los Angeles premiere of Shrek the Third comes news that DreamWorks Animation is already lining up a director for the fourth installment in the hugely successful CG-animated ... Continue Reading →

Spider-Man Returns

After breaking a number of box-office records in Europe and Asia, Spider-Man 3 from Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures/Columbia Pictures is now thrilling audiences in North America with ... Continue Reading →

Aragorn’s Gal Falls for Hulk

Lord of the Rings star Liv Tyler has been hired to play Betty Ross opposite Edward Norton’s Bruce Banner in Marvel Studio’s upcoming feature The Incredible Hulk. The two ... Continue Reading →

Naruto Movie Headed for Big Screen

Naruto The Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow, the first feature-length outing for the popular anime series, is coming to 162 theaters in the U.S. Tickets are now on sale for the ... Continue Reading →

Spider-Man 3 Huge Overseas

It has yet to open in North America but Columbia Pictures’ Spider-Man 3 is already a massive hit. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie pulled in a record $29.2 million ... Continue Reading →

Winx Fairies Spread Movie Wings

The fashion-conscious fairies of Rainbow’s Winx Club are ready for their big-screen close-up. It was announced this week that the Rome, Italy-based Rainbow is producing a CG-animated ... Continue Reading →

Hedge Drives DreamWorks Profits Up

Thanks to some precocious forest critters and their adventures in suburbia, DreamWorks Animation SKG reported a 33% rise in total revenue for the first quarter of 2007. The company ... Continue Reading →

Spider-Man Effect Stalls Box office

Just as an approaching tsunami causes the surf to pull away from the coast before impact, the highly anticipated May 4 debut of Columbia Pictures’ Spider-Man 3 obviously sucked ... Continue Reading →

Next Seeks Disturbia Real Estate

After two weeks at the top of the box office charts, the Paramount/DreamWorks thriller Disturbia has to contend with a new threat in the form of Paramount’s vfx-heavy Nicholas ... Continue Reading →