New Trailer for Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

A new trailer for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland feature has been released, offering a glimpse at such characters as the Cheshire Cat, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the Red Queen ... Continue Reading →

Demme to Direct Animated Katrina Pic

Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs, Rachel Getting Married) will be venturing into the world of animation with an upcoming adaptation of Dave Eggers’ Zeitoun. The Oscar-winning ... Continue Reading →

Shrek Musical to DVD; No Sequel for Monsters

Shrek: The Musical is closing its Broadway run sooner than expected, but will live on in DVD release, while Monsters vs. Aliens‘ hopes for a theatrical sequel have been quashed ... Continue Reading →

Monsters Floats DreamWorks Profits

An unexpectedly strong performance from Monsters vs. Aliens brightened up the third quarter results for DreamWorks Animation. DVD sales of the film helped the company post a $19.6 million ... Continue Reading →

Astro Boy Sets Opening Record in China

Imagi Studios’ Astro Boy has set a box office record for the biggest opening by a CG-animated movie in China. The film earned 40 million renminbi ‘ the equivalent of US$5.9 ... Continue Reading →

WB Circles Pitch for Peacock Pic

Warner Bros. is looking to get back into animated features. The studio is in talks to pick up an untitled pitch for an animated feature about a peacock from writers Austin Winsberg ... Continue Reading →

Hathaway, Harris, Santoro Headed to Rio

Actors Anne Hathaway, Neil Patrick Harris and Rodrigo Santoro are all in talks to lend their voices to Rio, an animated feature directed by Carlos Saldanha at Blue Sky Studios and Fox, ... Continue Reading →

The Little Robot That Could

Die-hard fans are hoping that Astro Boy, Imagi’s new CG-animated adaptation of Tezuka’s beloved manga, will be as electrifying as the original property and TV series. It’s ... Continue Reading →

Heart Like a Wheel

Redline, Takeshi Koike’s heady new anime feature, embraces the car culture of the West. Two years ago the staff at Madhouse, one of Japan’s most adventurous animation studios, ... Continue Reading →

Astro Opens in 6th; Paranormal Shoots to Top

Astro Boy launched into low orbit in a weekend of unusual box office results that saw the cult film Paranormal Activity peak in the top spot. Summit Entertainment’s release of ... Continue Reading →