Kickstand Grows in Brooklyn

A new animation and research development company called Kickstand has opened its doors in Brooklyn, New York. Using a team of technical directors with backgrounds in DreamWorks Animation ... Continue Reading →

Fremantle to Distribute Balloonatiks Feature

Fremantle Corp. has signed on as the worldwide distributor for Animagic Entertainment’s burgeoning animated kids franchise, The Balloonatiks. The deal includes a full-length feature ... Continue Reading →

Land of Lost Looks to Upend Up

Comedy is charging the box office, with Land of the Lost hoping a mix of adventure and laughs will pop Up’s balloon and rise to the top of the heap. The Brad Silberling (10 Items ... Continue Reading →

Animation Ahead for Lemony Snicket Series?

Brad Silberling, director of the 2004 feature Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, has hinted to MTV that a stop-motion animation sequel is possible. Based on the ... Continue Reading →

Up Rises to top of Box Office

Up surprised no one by climbing to the top spot at the weekend box office. The highly anticipated Pixar-Disney 3-D animated feature took in an impressive $68 million, only slightly ... Continue Reading →

Teaser Gives First Look at Toy Story 3

The teaser trailer has hit for Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story 3, offering the first look at the classic characters since 1999′s Toy Story 2. Reports are few on the film, due for ... Continue Reading →

Totally Spies! The Movie Sells in Europe, Latin America

Distributors throughout Europe and Latin America have picked up the rights to Totally Spies! The Movie, a feature-length animated movie based on the popular TV series. Deals were closed ... Continue Reading →

Rogen to Voice Alien in Pegg’s Paul

Actor Seth Rogen has been cast as the voice of the titular alien character in the road trip comedy Paul. The film was written by and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as a pair of sci-fi ... Continue Reading →

Bruckheimer and Yeatman Talk Guinea Pig VFX

Uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Oscar-winning vfx supervisor-turned-director Hoyt Yeatman (The Abyss) led an informative behind-the-scenes press session about the making of Disney’s ... Continue Reading →

Up Looks to Soar at the Box Office

Animation fans can rejoice this weekend with the release of Pixar’s 10th feature film, Up. The studio’s first 3-D film, directed by Pete Docter and rated PG, is expected ... Continue Reading →