Exodus, Melwood Ride Pavlov’s Dog

Melwood Pictures and Exodus Film Group hope to have animation fans salivating with Pavlov’s Dog, a CG-animated/live action feature film they optioned from world-famous illusionist ... Continue Reading →

Nosferatu Gets Toon Update

While the majority of computer animation work is being dedicated to creating loveable animal characters, the medium seems to be lending itself to the horror genre lately as well. One ... Continue Reading →

DreamWorks Unleashes Gromit at Cannes

DreamWorks Animation SKG apparently pulled out all the stops in promoting its next animated feature at the Cannes Film Festival. The publicity stunt for the clay-animated Wallace & ... Continue Reading →

Cleese to Script DreamWorks/Aardman Pic

One of the announcements to come out of Thursday’s DreamWorks/Aardman presentation at the Cannes Film Festival is that Monty Python alum John Cleese has been tapped to write the ... Continue Reading →

Ogre Sales Under Par for DreamWorks

DreamWorks Animation SKG announced its first quarter financial results during an investor conference call on Tuesday, noting that DVD and VHS sales of its CG feature, Shrek 2, failed ... Continue Reading →

Polar Express to Make Second IMAX 3D Run

Is the computer-animated family flick, The Polar Express, poised to become the next big holiday tradition? IMAX Corp. and Warner Bros. Pictures certainly hope so. Today the two companies ... Continue Reading →

Pixar Up, Upbeat on Disney

Pixar and Disney may be a step closer to kissing and making up. During an investor conference call on Thursday, Pixar CEO Steve Jobs announced strong earnings bolstered by The Incredibles ... Continue Reading →

Jobs Talks Cars, Pixar’s Future

During Thursday’s investor conference call, Pixar CEO Steve Jobs provided some updates on its 2006 release, Cars, and responded to questions regarding future plans for the Emery, ... Continue Reading →

Imaginum Runs Wild at Anima Estudios

Anima Estudios, which produced Magos y Gigantes (Wizards and Giants), Mexico’s first animated feature in more than 30 years, has released details about its second feature, Imaginum. ... Continue Reading →

Narnia Images, Trailer Plans

Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media have released a set of images from their upcoming CG-laden fantasy flick, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. In addition, ... Continue Reading →