Warner Bros. Adapting The Losers Comics

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has tapped writer/director Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights, Very Bad Things) to script and possibly direct an adaptation of the DC-Vertigo ... Continue Reading →

Editor’s Note: Warmed Over by Corpse Bride

Anyone who knows me is well aware of the fact that I love stop-motion animation. As someone who grew up on Rankin & Bass holiday specials and such iconic films as the original ... Continue Reading →

DreamWorks Making Madagascar 2

DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg announced today that the studio will produce a sequel to the hit CG-animated feature, Madagascar. Stars Ben Stiller, Chris Rock and Jada ... Continue Reading →

Exorcism Casts Out Competition

Sony Screen Gems’ The Exorcism of Emily Rose brought the supernatural genre out of its slump over the weekend, scaring up an estimated $30.2 million to claim the top spot at the ... Continue Reading →

Theaters Possessed by Exorcism

Visual effects have come a long way since William Friedkin’s seminal 1973 demonic possession classic, The Exorcist, so it will be interesting to see what vfx house Captive Audience ... Continue Reading →

Restored Cinderella to Screen in Hollywood

Before it arrives on DVD on Oct. 4, Disney’s newly restored animated classic, Cinderella, will play for 11 days at Hollywood’s El Capitan Theatre starting Sept. 15. The ... Continue Reading →

Editor’s Note: A Sound of Guilty Pleasure

Something has gone terribly wrong. Somebody went back in time and disrupted the delicate balance of nature, causing an inexplicable anomaly to surface here in the present. Warner Bro. ... Continue Reading →

Marvel to Make Two Superhero Pix Per Year

It looks like DC Comics crimefighters such as Batman and Superman will be facing a lot of competition from the folks at Marvel. The company announced today that it will change its name ... Continue Reading →

CritterPix Taps Lion King Scribe for Vermin

Northern California-based CG animation house CritterPix Studios has announced development on it second feature, Hollywood Vermin. The company has raised $1.35 million in a common stock ... Continue Reading →

Films Labor at Box Office

A new Labor Day weekend record was set by 20th Century Fox’s The Transporter 2, which took advantage of a dearth of worthy competition to claim the top spot with $20.3 million ... Continue Reading →