Burton Picks up a 9

As his Corpse Bride gets set to hit theaters in September, director/producer Tim Burton plans to produce a feature based on Shane Acker’s award-winning animated film, 9, according ... Continue Reading →

The Island Emerges in Theaters

Though its animated Madagascar is still pulling in the bucks in theatrical release, this weekend DreamWorks is focusing on a very different little land mass. The Island, directed by ... Continue Reading →

Hanks, WB Get Antsy for IMAX

As The Polar Express gets set to make another run in IMAX theaters this Thanksgiving, star Tom Hanks is working with Warner Bros. to produce an all-new computer-animated IMAX film. ... Continue Reading →

Liotta Enlisted for Boll’s Dungeon Siege

Actor Ray Liotta (Goodfellas, Narc, Identity) has signed on for director Uwe Boll’s feature film adaptation of Microsoft’s Dungeon Siege role-playing video game franchise, ... Continue Reading →

Buscemi, Cleese, Leno Join Exodus to Igor

Steve Buscemi, John Cleese and Jay Leno have joined Christian Slater in the cast of Exodus Film Group’s CG-animated short film, Igor: Unholy Frijoles. The flick is currently in ... Continue Reading →

Vinton Changes Name, Sneaks Moongirl

Vinton Studios, which was acquired by Nike co-founder and chairman Phil Knight in 2003, is finally being re-branded after its namesake, Will Vinton, was laid off from the company he ... Continue Reading →

Bros. Warner, Weinstein Team for Turtles

Michaelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo are a step closer to making their big-screen debut as computer-animated characters. The Weinstein Co. and Warner Bros. Pictures announced ... Continue Reading →

Monster House to Pack 3-D Thrills

Like The Polar Express before it, Robert Zemeckis’ latest CG project, Monster House, will be presented in stereoscopic 3-D at select venues. This second film to employ Sony Pictures ... Continue Reading →

A Sweet Weekend for Charlie and Harry

Despite some mixed reviews, Tim Burton’s Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, took in a sweet $55.4 million over the weekend, putting a big fat smile on the faces of Warner Bros. ... Continue Reading →

Golden Ticket Sales for Charlie?

Raold Dahl’s time-honored children’s book gets another cinematic treatment with today’s release of director Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The ... Continue Reading →