Ice Age Leads Fox in Record Year

According to Fox Filmed Entertainment, 2006 saw the studio earn approximately $3.5 billion in movie ticket sales, the biggest worldwide box-office gross for any slate of films in the ... Continue Reading →

Robotech Movie Premieres in Midwest

FUNimation Films will treat moviegoers in Ohio to the Midwest premiere of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, the new animated feature that continues the saga introduced by the 1980s television ... Continue Reading →

Aqua Teen Set for Big Screen

After months of speculation about the fate of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force feature film, fans can rest assured that Master Shake, Frylock and Meatwad will indeed make it to the big screen. ... Continue Reading →

New Line Reels in Shark Tale

New Line Cinema has temporarily shelved Meg, its big-budget adaptation of Steve Alten’s 1998 novel about a prehistoric shark, or Megalodon, that wreaks havoc in modern times. ... Continue Reading →

Museum Cah-chings in the New Year

The vfx-laden Ben Stiller comedy Night at the Museum sold more tickets than any other film over the holiday period, earning an estimated $125.7 million for 20th Century Fox over the ... Continue Reading →

Museum Open for Business

Since opening on Wednesday, MGM’s Rocky Balboa has been a box office heavyweight, but can the comeback story of the year stand up against Ben Stiller slapping a monkey? Twentieth ... Continue Reading →

Editor’s Note: Seeing Arthur and the Invisibles

I’ve been a fan of director Luc Besson’s work since 1990′s La Femme Nikita, and have particularly enjoyed The Professional (L’on) and his sci-fi actioner The ... Continue Reading →

20 Things to Look Forward to in ’07

Yeah, we know, another year is over and we’ll all be one year older! But, hey, there are plenty of cool things awaiting us in 2007′we hope! Time to put on those rose-colored ... Continue Reading →

TMNT Casting News

USA Today has reported that Sarah Michelle Gellar (The Grudge, Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Fantastitc Four‘s Chris Evans and Memoirs of a Geisha star Zhang Ziyi have joined the ... Continue Reading →

Shrek No Longer Exclusive to Universal Parks

Universal Studios and DreamWorks co-founder Steven Spielberg have released Shrek and other DreamWorks Animation properties from their exclusivity to Universal theme parks, according ... Continue Reading →