Directors to Run With Flash, Green Lantern

Director David Dobkin, who helmed the blockbuster comedy The Wedding Crashers, has been tapped to direct the first big-screen adaptation of DC Comics’ The Flash, according to ... Continue Reading →

Spyro Game for Big Screen

The Animation Picture Co. has optioned feature film rights to the Spyro the Dragon video game franchise from Sierra Ent., a division of Vivendi Games, and plans to make a CG-animated ... Continue Reading →

Gaumont To Rock the CG Boat

The Noah’s Ark story has been a popular subject for animation, and it appears that the animals are lining up for another fateful toon cruise. According to Daily Variety, major ... Continue Reading →

Justice League May Have Its Superman

With Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash all appearing on screen at the same time, Warner Bros.’s Justice League of America movie could end up being the greatest superhero ... Continue Reading →

Lio Comic Tagged For Big Screen

Mark Tatulli’s dark comic strip Lio is being developed as a live-action feature film through a deal between producer David Kirschner and Universal Syndicate, reports Daily Variety. ... Continue Reading →

Pixar Story Told in Theaters

The Pixar Story, a new documentary from Oscar-nominated filmmaker Leslie Iwerks, has been released in select theaters in 14 major markets across the U.S. in order to qualify for this ... Continue Reading →

Nightmare Makes Strong Comeback

The 3-D re-release of the animated holiday favorite Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas enjoyed a good weekend, cracking the top-ten and outperforming all challengers on ... Continue Reading →

Persepolis Qualifies for Oscar

The French animated feature film Persepolis was today named among the record 63 movies qualified for consideration in this year’s Academy Award for Best Foreign-Language Film. ... Continue Reading →

Nightmare, Commandments in Theaters

Jack Skellington and Moses go head-to-skull for the family crowd at the box office this weekend as Disney re-releases the 1994 animated feature Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before ... Continue Reading →

Birds Remake Attracts Talent

The remake news du jour has Casino Royal director Martin Campbell in negotiations to helm Universal Pictures’ re-do of the Alfred Hitchcock classic The Birds. According to The ... Continue Reading →