Exhibitors Prep for Chicken Little in 3-D

According to The Hollywood Reporter, leading theater chains AMC Entertainment and Loews Cineplex have signed five-year contracts with Real D, a technology provider specializing in stereoscopic ... Continue Reading →

Favreau to Pilot John Carter of Mars

Daily Variety reports that actor and Elf director Jon Favreau has been hired to direct Paramount Pictures’ long-gestating film adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic ... Continue Reading →

Peter Jackson In the Ring for Halo

After taking on the monumental task of adapting J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings literary saga and remaking the cinematic classic King Kong, filmmaker Peter Jackson is set to ... Continue Reading →

Gnomes in Vanguard Garden

Vanguard Films, the production company behind Disney’s computer-animated feature, Valiant, is turning from pigeons to other garden denizens with its latest story pick-up. The ... Continue Reading →

Editor’s Note: Gromit Glee and Reaver Madness

Autumn is supposed to be the time when big entertainment gives way to smaller, character-driven dramas with an eye on Oscar. So why, then, have we been given three films in the last ... Continue Reading →

Xilam Saddles Lucky Luke for the Big Screen

Daily Variety reports that French animation studio Xilam has teamed with Dargaud-Marina and Lucky Comics to co-produce a feature film based on the popular comic-book adventures of cowboy ... Continue Reading →

Happy Feet Dances to IMAX 3D

With penguins at the height of their cinematic popularity following the success of the documentary March of the Penguins, IMAX Corp. and Warner Bros. Pictures have announced that the ... Continue Reading →

Serenity Doesn’t Take Flight

The weekend box-office showdown turned into a bit of a dogfight as the crew of the space vessel Serenity took on Jodi Foster and her suspense thriller set aboard a commercial airliner. ... Continue Reading →

Serenity, MirrorMask Dock in Theaters

Devotees of Joss Whedon’s short-lived FOX sci-fi series, Firefly, will no doubt be flocking to cinemas this weekend to catch Serenity, the feature-length, big-screen extension ... Continue Reading →

My Little Pony Goes Theatrical

Hasbro’s girls’ lifestyle brand, My Little Pony, is headed for the big screen with an animated holiday special scheduled play weekend matinees in theaters across the country ... Continue Reading →