WALL-E In Top Gear at Box Office

WALL●E from Disney and Pixar came out firing on all cylinders over the weekend, earning an estimated $62.5 million to claim the top spot at the North American box office. The ... Continue Reading →

Dark Knight Selling Out

Moviegoers who wait to buy their tickets at the door may find it hard to get into initial screenings of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight. Leading online ticket retailer Fandango.com ... Continue Reading →

300 to Get Roman Numeral

Despite the fact that all the heroes die at the end of Warner Bros.’ 300, the hit sword-and-sandal epic apparently has a sequel in development. According to Daily Variety, graphic ... Continue Reading →

WALL●E Rolls into Theaters

Disney and Pixar will see if they’ve managed to produce another animated blockbuster today as moviegoers line up to see WALL●E. Director Andrew Stanton had a tall order ... Continue Reading →

Bolt Trailer Bow-Wows in Theaters, Online

Moviegoers seeing Dsiney/Pixar’s WALL●E this weekend will be treated to the first trailer for Bolt, the upcoming CG-animated family feature from Walt Disney Animation Studios. ... Continue Reading →

Relativity Wages War of Gods

Having sparked new interest in sword-and-sandal epics with Warner Bros.’ 300, producers Gianni Nunnari of Hollywood Gang Prods. and Mark Canton of Canton Prods. Have teamed with ... Continue Reading →

Feature Review: WALL●E

What a great week to be an animation journalist. On Monday I got to watch Warner Bros. Home Entertainment’s Batman: Gotham Knight (stay tuned for the review), and Tuesday night ... Continue Reading →

The Host to Surface Again

The slimy, mutant fish creature from the hit Korean monster movie The Host is set to make a comeback. According to Daily Variety, Korea’s Chungeorahm Film, which produced the ... Continue Reading →

Stanton Follows WALL●E with John Carter

As Disney/Pixar’s WALL●E gets set to storm the box office this weekend, writer/director Andrew Stanton has started talking about his next project. The filmmaker behind the ... Continue Reading →

Paramount Hits $1 Billion for 2008

The DreamWorks Animation feature Kung Fu Panda and other summer hits have helped Paramount Pictures become the first studio to reach $1 billion in ticket sales in North America this ... Continue Reading →