Shrek 2 Makes Cannes See Green

Talk about a classy start to what should be a big-budget bang at this summer’s box office. DreamWorks has announced that the much-anticipated Shrek 2 has been selected for the ... Continue Reading →

Kirikou Ready for His Animated Prequel

Fresh from nabbing two Oscar-nomination for its acclaimed animated feature The Triplets of Belleville (Best Animated Feature, Best Song), French production company Les Armateurs has ... Continue Reading →

Pixar & Disney End Talks

Following months of contract negotiation Pixar has decided to conclude its discussions to extend its long-standing partnership with The Walt Disney Company following the delivery of ... Continue Reading →

If Disney Wins, What Will He Say?

In the annals of Oscar acceptance speeches, Roy E. Disney’s could be a doozy. Now that his ani short Destino has been nominated for an Oscar, it’s interesting to speculate ... Continue Reading →

Gallic Auteur Signs Deal with Disney

Perhaps taking his inspiration from reality TV, Gallic actor-director-producer Alain Chabat has signed a six-figure deal with the Walt Disney Co. to produce a romantic comedy that’s ... Continue Reading →

Triplets, Nemo, Brother Bear, King Up for Oscars

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has just released its list of nominees for the 76th Annual Academy Awards, placing Sony Pictures Classics’ The Triplets of Belleville, ... Continue Reading →

Disney/Pixar Cast Cars

As the Disney/Pixar partnership races for the Oscar with Finding Nemo, the studios have announced lead voice casting for their upcoming CG-animated feature Cars. Film legend Paul Newman ... Continue Reading →

Critics? What Critics, Dude?

The ubiquitous Ashton Kutcher proved this weekend that he is, for the meantime, critic-proof. While his first "serious" film, The Butterfly Effect, got some horrible reviews ... Continue Reading →

Roger Rabbit Suit Back in Play

Here’s a movie you probably thought wouldn’t be making headlines in 2004. But litigation surrounding the 1988 mega-hit Who Framed Roger Rabbit has been given new life. A ... Continue Reading →

King Golden, Oscars to Follow?

If past is prologue, particularly in Hollywood’s award-season 2004, then Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is headed for a golden February. Whether it’s a real co-relation ... Continue Reading →