Flushed Away Holds Ground

The CG-animated feature Flushed Away from DreamWorks Animation and Aardman Animations held onto its No. 3 spot over the weekend despite the debut of four new wide-release movies. The ... Continue Reading →

Plympton Punctuates F_CK

Opening in limited release this weekend is F_CK: A Documentary, which features original animation by Oscar-nominated indie legend Bill Plympton as it examines the history of the ‘F’ ... Continue Reading →

Weinsteins Take Up Piccolo

The Weinstein Co. has acquired North American rights to the French animated musical film Piccolo, Saxo and Company, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The CG family feature is an ... Continue Reading →

Spider-Man 3 Trailer Casts Its Web

The web slinger is coming back for another go at the criminal element and fans can get their first look at footage from Columbia Pictures’ Spider-Man 3 on Thursday, Nov. 9. A ... Continue Reading →

Hulk to Smash Again in 2008

Having licensed its Hulk character to Universal for Ang Lee’s tepidly received, CG-laden feature film, Marvel Ent. is making its own movie based on the classic comic-book superhero ... Continue Reading →

DemonWars Plucked by Devil’s Due

The Hollywood Reporter brings word that comic-book publisher Devil’s Due Publishing has optioned film, television and merchandising rights to DemonWars, a series of fantasy ... Continue Reading →

Animator Happily Flushed Away

“Hell yeah,” was Simon Otto’s response when asked If he wanted to work on Flushed Away, the third film to bring together the talents of DreamWorks Animation in Burbank, ... Continue Reading →

AdultSwim.com Serves Hunger Force Movie Appetizer

You can catch a sneak peek of Meatwad, Master Shake and Frylock’s big-screen debut today as AdultSwim.com debuts footage from the upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie online. ... Continue Reading →

LionsGate Pumps Up for Marvel’s Invincible Iron Man

Next January is a big month for Marvel superhero Iron Man. Not only does the live-action movie starring Robert Downey Jr. will start production at the time, Lionsgate will release its ... Continue Reading →

Flushed Crushed by Borat

The Kazakh reporter character played by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is fond of saying to his enemies, “I will crush you,” and that’s exactly what he did at the North ... Continue Reading →