Fox Woos, Wins Who-Hearing Horton

After enduring the savaging of her late husband’s beloved Cat In The Hat at the hands of a mugging Mike Myers, Audrey Geisel has sold 20th Century Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios ... Continue Reading →

Robots Rolls Friday. Opens Wide

In case you haven’t been driving in the past two weeks (and missed the billboards), or gone to the movies (and missed the ubiquitous trailers) or had a broken TV (and missed the ... Continue Reading →

Sinbad Launches New Voyage with Neo, XXX Helmer

With Keanu Reeves starring and action director Rob Cohen at the helm, Columbia Pics is launching The 8th Voyage of Sinbad. This, of course, is not the first voyage for the titular hero. ... Continue Reading →

Live-Action Diesel Gets Animated

Having conquered the action-pic genre and, more surprisingly, kiddie comedy (The Pacifier), basso-voiced thesp Vin Diesel is about to get into the animation business. The actor’s ... Continue Reading →

Motley Crue in Stop-Motion Disaster!

The bad boy rockers of Motley Crue are taking their legendary antics to the world of animation with a cameo role in Disaster! The Movie, an upcoming stop-motion comedy feature film ... Continue Reading →

Scribe Swamped with Shrek 4

Daily Variety reports that writer Tim Sullivan has been tapped by DreamWorks to pen a script for Shrek 4. Sullivan, best known for his hit 1995 British romantic comedy, Jack and Sarah, ... Continue Reading →

Christian Slater Has Hunch for Igor

In the recent video game-inspired feature film, Alone in the Dark, Christian Slater battled computer-generated monsters. Now, he’s going to become one for Exodus Film Group’s ... Continue Reading →

Scrat Short, Episode III Trailer Debut with Robots

Director Chris Wedge may have left the Ice Age behind to focus on the futuristic Robots, but his primitive squirrel pal has come along for the ride. An all-new animated short film starring ... Continue Reading →

Batman Begins on IMAX in June

What’s better than seeing the Dark Knight return to the big screen? How about watching all the POW!s ZAPP!s and BAM!s on a screen up to eight stories high with wrap-around, 12,000-watt ... Continue Reading →

Horror Cursed at Box Office

With the No. 1 bows of such recent chillers as The Grudge, Hide and Seek and Boogeyman, it seemed as though horror films were an unbeatable force at the box office. Now it appears the ... Continue Reading →