Disney/Pixar Plucks Burroughs’ John Carter

After being bounced around Hollywood for a number of years, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars sci-fi adventure stories may end up being animated by the Disney/Pixar toon ... Continue Reading →

Weak Bows for Arthur, Primeval

MGM and The Weinstein Co. debuted Arthur and the Invisibles in wide release in North America over the weekend but only got a small piece of the box office action. Budgeted at around ... Continue Reading →

News from NATPE: Words from the Wise

If it seems a bit quiet in your neck of the woods this week, it’s because many of the animation execs, buyers, sellers, producers and distributors are attending the NATPE confab ... Continue Reading →

Theaters Get Primeval

Having created fierce lycanthropes for the Underworld films and blood-thirsty subterranean dwellers for The Cave, visual effects studio Luma Pictures takes on a different kind of beast ... Continue Reading →

Arthur and the Invisibles Gets Seen

Arthur and the Invisibles, the English-language version of French filmmaker Luc Besson’s new live-action/animation hybrid feature film, opens wide across North America today. ... Continue Reading →

Madonna Brings Arthur to NY Schools

Pop icon Madonna, who voices the animated female lead in the English-language version of director Luc Besson’s new family feature Arthur and the Invisibles, will host a special ... Continue Reading →

Shyamalan to Bend Avatar

Following the critical and box-office misfire that was Lady in the Water, film director M. Night Shyamalan will reportedly put his own material aside to make big-screen pics based on ... Continue Reading →

Leno, Coolidge Hump It to Igor

Late-night talk show host Jay Leno and popular comedic actor Jennifer Coolidge (For Your Consideration, Legally Blonde: Red, White and Blonde) have signed on to lend their voices to ... Continue Reading →

Peter Jackson Banned from New Line

After helping New Line Cinema make billions of dollars with his big-screen adaptations of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings tales, director/producer Peter Jackson has been blacklisted ... Continue Reading →

No Fairytale Bow for Happily

The animated fairy tale spoof Happily N’ever After arrived at the ball over the weekend but didn’t quite make the appearance distributor Loinsgate had hoped for. The family ... Continue Reading →