Birds Remake Attracts Talent

The remake news du jour has Casino Royal director Martin Campbell in negotiations to helm Universal Pictures’ re-do of the Alfred Hitchcock classic The Birds. According to The ... Continue Reading →

Wolverine Claims Play Date

Hugh Jackman will be back as Wolverine in his own movie at the start of the 2009 summer movie season. Daily Variety reports that Twentieth Century Fox has announced a May 1 ’09 ... Continue Reading →

Ratatouille Big Cheese Overseas

Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille was the top box-office performer outside of North America for the second consecutive weekend, according to Daily Variety. The CG buddy flick earnd approximately ... Continue Reading →

Actors Line Up for Justice League

Happy Feet director George Miller has reportedly been auditioning young actors en mass over the weekend, hoping to find superheroes for his big-screen treatment of DC Comics’ ... Continue Reading →

Ratatouille On Menu in U.K.

Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille has finally arrived in the U.K., scurrying into 416 theaters to claim the weekend’s widest opening. Timed with the week-long school holiday that ... Continue Reading →

Family Friendly Visits Zea Zoo

Family Friendly Films has started production on an CG-animated short based on the popular children’s poem and e-book Zea Zoo and the Land of Boo. Titled Zea Zoo and the Land of ... Continue Reading →

Director Gets Claws in Thundercats

Video game art director Jerry O’Flaherty will cut his feature film directing teeth on Warner Bros. Pictures’ CG-animated big-screen adaptation of the ’80 cartoon series ... Continue Reading →

Universal’s Land of the Lost on Track

Universal Pictures is reportedly moving forward with plans to produce a $100 million big-screen adaptation of Sid & Marty Krofft’s classic kids’ adventure show, Land ... Continue Reading →

Sony Proceeds with EverQuest Pic

Announced years ago, Sony Pictures’ big-screen treatment of the successful massively multi-player online game EverQuest seems to be making some forward movement at last. Daily ... Continue Reading →

Burton Doing Frankenweenie Feature?

It may sound too good to be true, and there’s a good chance that it is, but there’s a rumor circulating around the web that Tim Burton is developing a stop-motion animated ... Continue Reading →