Potter Makes First-Day Magic

Warner Bros.’ Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix took in approximately $44.7 million on Wednesday, breaking the previous Wednesday opening record of $40.4 million set by ... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter Dominates Theaters

Will the mighty Optimus Prime be taken down by a kid with a stick? In a bid to knock Transformers out of the top spot at the box office, Warner Bros. is giving the latest Harry Potter ... Continue Reading →

Singer Making Man of Steel

Director Bryan Singer is moving forward with his Superman Returns sequel and will bring Kevin Spacey back as Lex Luthor in Superman: Man of Steel, according to Daily Variety. Superman ... Continue Reading →

Shrek The Third Hits $600 Million

DreamWorks Animation announced that its blockbuster sequel Shrek the Third has grossed more than $600 million worldwide. In addition to scoring the biggest domestic opening ever for ... Continue Reading →

Big Weekend for Transformers

DreamWorks/Paramount’s Transformers met the eye over the weekend, a lot of eyes in fact. Moviegoers in North America shelled out an estimated $67 million to see vehicles turning ... Continue Reading →

Carrey Getting Scrooged by Zemeckis

Disney has confirmed Internet reports that Oscar-winning producer/director Robert Zemeckis is making a stereoscopic 3D, performance-capture adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic ... Continue Reading →

Bart Does Nude Scene

Having brought the taunt ‘Eat my shorts’ into the common vernacular, Bart Simpson apparently drops his shorts in a scene in the upcoming Simpsons movie, according to Daily ... Continue Reading →

Ratatouille Offers Hidden Ingredients

Disney and Pixar hope to entice moviegoers to watch their latest animated family flick, Ratatouille, more than once so they can pick up on hidden details and inside jokes that may have ... Continue Reading →

S4 Studios Goes Green for Live Earth

Animation will pitch in to help save the planet this weekend as NBC Universal HD airs its 22-hour coverage of Al Gore’s Live Earth, an event that has been dubbed ‘the concert ... Continue Reading →

Transformers Tramples Records

The DreamWorks/Paramount live-action/CG treatment of the ’80s cartoon sensation Transformers enjoyed the biggest Tuesday in cinema history with an estimated $27.4 million opening ... Continue Reading →