Negadon to Attack NYC In May

Still reeling from its latest run in with King Kong, New York City got word today that another giant, CG-animated monster is heading its way. Anime publisher Central Park Media announced ... Continue Reading →

Ice Melts More Filmgoers’ Hearts

Can Scrat and company single-handedly save the first quarter doldrums at the box office? In light of the estimated $34.5 million Fox/Blue Sky’s Ice Age : The Meltdown (directed ... Continue Reading →

New Casper Film Scares Up A-List Voice Cast

These days it seems, all people want to really do in Hollywood isn’t direct, it’s to voice a character in an animated feature. The latest case in point: Casper producer ... Continue Reading →

DreamWorks Rocks with Punk Farm

If you needed more evidence that animation studios can’t get enough features about farm animals, look no further than the latest news from DreamWorks Animation. The studio’s ... Continue Reading →

Ice Freezes Critics, Warms Fox Hearts

With reviews only slightly better than the savaging heaped on Sharon Stone’s return to the screen as a been-around-the-block femme fatale, Fox’s Ice Age 2: The Meltdown ... Continue Reading →

Simpson Movie Set for July 2007

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are now officially ready for their big-screen close-ups! After years of promising, Fox, Matt Groening and James L. Brookes have finalized plans for ... Continue Reading →

Ice Age 2 Chills in Theaters

Global warming may still be just a theory to some clueless politicians, but the threat is very real in the latest CG-animated feature film from Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios. Manny ... Continue Reading →

Nicktoons Fest Calls for Entries

Frederator Studios and the Nicktoons network are in production on another season of The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival and have issued a call for short animated films of all kinds. ... Continue Reading →

Superman Returns to Fly in 3-D with IMAX

Warner Bros. Pictures’ Superman Returns will be the first live-action Hollywood feature to be converted into 3-D using IMAX’s proprietary 2D-to-3D conversion technology. ... Continue Reading →

More Details on Aqua Teen Movie

As we mentioned in our coverage of Thursday’s [adult swim] Upfront presentation in New York, the first feature film based on an original [adult swim] series is slated for release ... Continue Reading →