09/09/09 A Definite Star Date for Debuts for Beatles: Rock Band, 9

Wednesday is not the normal day for new video games or movies to debut, but neither The Beatles: Rock Band or Shane Acker’s feature-film version of 9 are typical projects. The ... Continue Reading →

DC Entertainment Debuts with Nelson in Charge

Warner Bros. Entertainment has revamped its DC Comics subsidiary into a new company called DC Entertainment and placed in charge executive Diane Nelson, formerly president of Warner ... Continue Reading →

Luxo Sues Pixar Over Planned Lamp Sale

The Luxo lamp company has sued animation studio Pixar over the studio’s plans to sell a limited edition ‘Luxo Jr.’ lamp with the upcoming Blu-ray version of Up. ‘Luxo ... Continue Reading →

Horror Remains Final Word at Box Office

Not much changed at the box office this Labor Day weekend, as horror film The Final Destination held on to the top spot for the second week in a row. The Warner Bros.-New Line release ... Continue Reading →

Ritchie Sinks His Teeth into Lobo Movie

Another day, another big-name director signs up for a comic-book movie. This time around it’s Guy Ritchie (Sherlock Holmes, Snatch) who has been tapped to direct a live-action ... Continue Reading →

Rob Zombie Shares Secrets of El Superbeasto

Fans of adult animation have been looking forward to the release of the new Starz movie The Haunted World of El Superbeasto for some time now. Written and directed by Zombie and Mr. ... Continue Reading →

First Official Smurfs Image Hits the Web

After 51 years in the spotlight, the little blue guys still have that magic touch. This week, fan sites dedicated to Pierre ‘Peyo’ Culliford’s classic comic-book creation, ... Continue Reading →

Favreau Aims at Cowboys & Aliens

Jon Favreau can’t get enough of comic-book movies. After wrapping his directing duties on the upcoming Iron Man 2, he is eyeing the DreamWorks/Universal adaptation of Cowboys ... Continue Reading →

Ponyo, Now Fifth Top-Grossing Anime in U.S.

By taking in over $11.2 million in ticket sales, Disney’s release of Hayao Miyazaki’s Ponyo has become the fifth top-grossing anime theatrical release in the U.S. Although ... Continue Reading →

Disney to Acquire Marvel Entertainment

Disney is getting ready to buy Marvel Entertainment in a stock and cash transaction for the amount of $4 billion. Under the terms of the deal, Marvel shareholders would receive $30 ... Continue Reading →