Imagi Releases Astro Boy Images, Updates Finance Status

Imagi Studios have released five images from their upcoming CG-animated feature, Astro Boy. The movie also was previewed last weekend at New York Comic Con, where a short was shown ... Continue Reading →

Gonzo Studio Plans Restructure, Will Cut Staff to 30

Japanese company GDH will restructure its animation studio Gonzo and cut creative staff from 130 to 30, according to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper. The five-year plan is to save ... Continue Reading →

Brolin, Malkovich to Face Off in Jonah Hex

Josh Brolin and John Malkovich have been confirmed as headlining Jonah Hex, an adaptation of the popular DC Comics Western series, Variety reports. Brolin, nominated for a best supporting ... Continue Reading →

Studio 100 Launches Paris Toon Shop

Benelux-based children’s animation and live-action producer Studio 100 is opening new animation shop in Paris. According to Variety, former Alphanim exec Jan Van Rijsselberge ... Continue Reading →

Ratner to Direct Youngblood

India-based financier Reliance has secured the rights to adapt Rob Liefeld’s Image Comics superhero series Youngblood to the big screen and has set Brett Ratner to direct. This ... Continue Reading →

Rush, Wenham Sign On to Snyder’s Ga’Hoole Feature

Actors Jim Sturgess, Geoffrey Rush, Rachael Taylor and David Wenhem have signed on to provide voices for Watchmen director’s Zack Snyder’s upcoming animated feature, Guardians ... Continue Reading →

Audiences Select Selick’s Magic

Focus Features’s 3-D, stop-motion feature Coraline earned $16.4 million in its opening weekend’good enough for third place. Leading the weekend was the Warner Bros. / New ... Continue Reading →

DreamWorks Out at Universal, Talking to Disney

DreamWorks and Disney are expected to announce Monday they have struck a deal for Disney to distribute the studio’s films. Talks were ongoing through the weekend on the deal, ... Continue Reading →

Disney/DreamWorks Deal Done

It’s official: DreamWorks has a new distributor in Disney. The long-term exclusive deal was announced Monday after much speculation over the weekend after a DreamWorks/Universal ... Continue Reading →

Match Factory Pitches CG Feature

The Match Factory has picked up the worldwide sales rights to Alois Nebel, one of the first computer-animated feature to be made in the Czech Republic. ‘ Executives at the Cologne, ... Continue Reading →