Princess Earns B.O. Crown, Good Word of Mouth

Disney’s return to traditional 2D animation yielded a solid but not spectacular opening weekend at the box office as The Princess and the Frog won the weekend with an estimated ... Continue Reading →

Murphy Locks Up Role of Rapunzel’s Jailer

Actress Donna Murphy has signed to provide the voice to Mother Gothel, who imprisons the title character in Disney’s upcoming animated version of Rapunzel. Murphy joins a cast ... Continue Reading →

Princess and the Frog Opens Nationwide

Having completed its limited, debutante run, Disney’s long-awaited return to 2D animation, The Princess and the Frog, is about to run wide. The studio’s return to its fairy-tales ... Continue Reading →

Daly Rounds Out Yogi Bear Cast

Andy Daly will play Mayor Brown in Warner Bros.’ new movie version of Yogi Bear. The addition of Daly completes the cast for the film, which has begun shooting in New Zealand, ... Continue Reading →

Williams, Wood Up for Happy Feet 2

Actors Robin Williams and Elijah Wood are in talks to reprise their roles in a sequel to the Oscar-winning animated film Happy Feet. The sequel will be written by and again directed ... Continue Reading →

FUNimation to Distribute Guardians of Luna

FUNimation has agreed to distribute the Cybergraphix Animation feature movie Guardians of Luna, currently in development. The anime-style film’s staff includes writer Michael ... Continue Reading →

Jack Black Agrees to Produce Animated Pitch

Jack Black has signed on to produce an untitled animated feature film that has been set up at Illumination Entertainment, according to Variety. The film is set in the world of cryptozoology ... Continue Reading →

Blind Side Blitzes; Carol Still Strong

It was a quiet weekend at the box office, most notable for a blitz by the football drama The Blind Side that landed it in the top spot and continued strong business for Disney’s ... Continue Reading →

The Fantastic Retro Fox Rewrites the Rules

Wes Anderson delivers a delightfully quirky adaptation of Roald Dahl’s children’s book. You’ve got to tip your hat to the ways of stylish, exacting director Wes Anderson: ... Continue Reading →

Letter Perfect

Adam Elliot, the Oscar-winning director of Mary and Max talks about the joys and heartaches of making his first feature length stop-motion movie. Australian animator Adam Elliot has ... Continue Reading →