Burton Starts Up Chocolate Factory

With casting set for his upcoming animated feature, Corpse Bride (www.animationmagazine.net/article.php?article_id=2666), director/producer Tim Burton has started work on his adaptation ... Continue Reading →

Toon Disney Nets Spider-Man, Expands JETIX Block

Beginning Saturday, June 26, Toon Disney expands its new JETIX action/adventure evening block to four hours on Saturdays and Sundays. The block, which will now air from 7 p.m. to 11 ... Continue Reading →

Ice Cream Mogul Bush Bashes with Animation

As Michael Moore’s controversial documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11, gets set to light a fuse in theaters across the nation, other public figures are using the media to highlight perceived ... Continue Reading →

BASF Spots Farmed Out to Z Animation

The Z Animation team of Emmy Award-winning director/designer David Chomowicz, co-director/producer Rob Issen and exec producer Peter Barg has completed a campaign of four 30-second ... Continue Reading →

Showtime for Happy Trails

Those old enough to remember the “Lets All Go to the Lobby” cartoon that encouraged snack food purchases in theaters should appreciate the work Happy Trails Animation has ... Continue Reading →

Ring of Fire Gets Physical for Tropicana

To help Tropicana promote its new Light & Healthy brand of orange juice, digital effects studio Ring of Fire took citris to the gym with the aid of computer animation. The humorous ... Continue Reading →

Dancing Diablo Partner Animates Steriogram Video

Peter Sluszka, creative partner and director of animation for Dancing Diablo, helped create stop-motion animation seen in the music video for "Walkie Talkie Man," the first ... Continue Reading →

Cool Zone Submitted for Your Approval:"The Minotaur of Atlanta"

CG may have largely replaced stop-motion animation in the feature film effects biz, but the art of puppet pushing is still very much alive in the realm of television advertising. One ... Continue Reading →

Seneca College Students Animate Ad for Sony Music Canada

Seneca College animation students put their skills to the test in a professional capacity when they got to create a computer-generated mascot for a Sony Music Canada ad campaign. The ... Continue Reading →

Hornet Inc. Designs and Animates Promo for Nick Jr.

After seeing Hornet Inc.’s own branding piece, Nickelodeon called on the design and animation studio to produce a promo for the fall launch of the new Nick Jr. series Max & ... Continue Reading →