Alienware Area-51 m9750 Notebook

I have to begin this review with a little confession: I already own an Alienware laptop computer, and it has treated me with the utmost love from the first day it came into my life. ... Continue Reading →

Eyeon’s Rotation and Vision

I’ve been a Digital Fusion user for the past decade and have seen the evolution of the software to its current form. (The Toronto-based company unveiled the Fusion 5.2 at the ... Continue Reading →

NVIDIA Helps Bring Short to Life

We meet the two slacker stars of animator/director Tim Heath’s short film Plush Life as they drive to work one morning. Lundo is furry and looks a little like a Muppet. Flint ... Continue Reading →

Massive 3.0: A Real Crowd-Pleaser

The rat pack in Ratatouille, the armies of thousands in 300, the herds of animals in Evan Almighty, and before that, in 20 other feature films, all animated with Massive, might lead ... Continue Reading →

Maxon BodyPaint 3D V.10

BodyPaint comes to us from the developers of Cinema4D, and it’s now in its third generation. Obviously, with new generations comes more maturity and stability ‘ and new ... Continue Reading →

Caligari Truespace 7.5

Caligari Truespace has been around since the beginning of time; i.e., in terms of 3D content development. In fact, Truespace was one of my first 3D programs running on an Amiga ‘ ... Continue Reading →

Maya Professional Tips and Techniques

You may have noticed that I have a tendency to like previous primers published by Autodesk Maya Press. They have a way of taking the apparently mundane problems of the 3D geek and put ... Continue Reading →

Maya Visual Effects: The Innovator’s Guide

I’m often a stickler for abiding to methodologies that conform to ways tools are used in the production world’especially when it comes to manuals, books and tutorials. This ... Continue Reading →

Advanced Maya Texturing and Lighting

Lee Lanier, the author of the more general Maya Professional Tips and Techniques (also reviewed this month), has focused his knowledge into the realm of digital lighting in Maya, which ... Continue Reading →

Craft Animation’s Director Tools

Swedish company Craft Animations has come up with a series of tools that not only save time in rigging, but additional savings are gained because the rigs are meant to create not only ... Continue Reading →