February 2017 Tech Review

EXO-io The visual-effects industry has been using EXR as its go-to image file format since forever. And by forever, I mean, the last 15 years at least. One of the key ... Continue Reading →

January 2017 Tech Review

Thinkbox’s Deadline 8.0 I’m a fan of Deadline. I don’t think that’s a secret. I use it for my own studio, TeaspoonVFX. I promote it at the studios ... Continue Reading →

December 2016 Tech Review

The Foundry’s Katana Katana is a unique beast in the CG toolbox. Its functionality is focused and limited, which makes it exceptional at what it does, rather ... Continue Reading →

November 2016 Tech Review

Autodesk ReCap 360 Data acquisition has become an integral part of the visual-effects process. Data might come from a LIDAR scanner, such as something from Faro; or ... Continue Reading →

October 2016 Tech Review

Pluralsight So it’s been a while since I covered some of the places for online training that I happen to like and use on a pretty regular basis. And since ... Continue Reading →

August/September 2016 Tech Review

Modo 10 Modo was getting some heat even before The Foundry acquired it and began to incorporate it into its suite of products. After numerous iterations, advances ... Continue Reading →

June/July 2016 Tech Review

Autodesk 3ds Max 2017 Interestingly, Autodesk has split out their releases for the 2017 round of Entertainment and Media software. 3ds Max has already ... Continue Reading →

May 2016 Tech Review

Toon Boom Animation Storyboard Pro v5   As someone who jumps back and forth between the media I animate in, I am a bit of a fan of Toon Boom stuff for my 2D animation ... Continue Reading →
AprilmTech Review

April 2016 Tech Review

Hewlett-Packard Z Workstation The HP Z series of workstations continues to bring substantial power through hardware, firmware and software updates — even at the ... Continue Reading →

March 2016 Tech Review

Maya 2016 I’m coming in a little late in the game since the release of Autodesk’s 2016 Entertainment Suite, but with multiple extension packs since, you can be rest assured that ... Continue Reading →