Tech Reviews

October 2017 Tech Reviews

Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Wacom, and the Cintiq Pro 13 released earlier this year doesn’t change my love. That’s why this review is going to be a ... Continue Reading →

SIGGRAPH 2017′s Cool Tools!

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to attend the SIGGRAPH CG animation and technology expo in Los Angeles. After hitting the floor and talking with a bunch of vendors, I’ve come ... Continue Reading →

August-September 2017 Tech Reviews

Boords I draw storyboards. I draw them a lot. I draw them for visual effects. I draw them for short films. I draw them for animation projects. I even draw them for prototyping ... Continue Reading →

June-July 2017 Tech Reviews

cineSync 4.0 Cospective has been providing us filmmakers with cineSync as a review system for years and years. I’ve been using it for at least that long and, on my ... Continue Reading →

May 2017 Tech Reviews

Crazy Talk Animator 3 So, let’s talk about this CrazyTalk Animator 3. In last issue’s discussion about Perception Neuron, I mentioned that ... Continue Reading →

April 2017 Tech Reviews

Xsens MVM Awinda Motion capture has been a quite involved task ever since its inception. Frequently, it involved an array of expensive specialized cameras, set up around ... Continue Reading →

March 2017 Tech Reviews

Cine Designer R2 Previsualization is the big thing these days. It used to be geared more toward complex visual-effects sequences, mainly because big effects ... Continue Reading →

The Best Tech of 2016

From the power of GPU rendering to the USD format, software tools for animation and VFX had a bright year of progress.  As we wrap up 2016, which got off to a bad start with the death ... Continue Reading →

February 2017 Tech Review

EXO-io The visual-effects industry has been using EXR as its go-to image file format since forever. And by forever, I mean, the last 15 years at least. One of the key ... Continue Reading →

January 2017 Tech Review

Thinkbox’s Deadline 8.0 I’m a fan of Deadline. I don’t think that’s a secret. I use it for my own studio, TeaspoonVFX. I promote it at the studios ... Continue Reading →