Hellouin To Form New Studio

Guillaume Hellouin, co-Founder of Paris-based Sparx*, has announced his departure from the large CG house. After majority shareholder Humanoids Group, represented by Fabrice Giger, ... Continue Reading →

WB Animation’s Buyer Christopher Keenan: An Exec Who Understands Broadcast AND Animation

Ask anyone in town about Christopher Keenan’s rep and you’ll get the same answer: “Great guy. Knows his stuff.” The senior VP of creative affairs for Warner ... Continue Reading →

ASIFA-Hollywood Event Empowers Advocacy for Hand-drawn Art

Saturday, June 26, was a major day for hand-drawn animation as ASIFA-Hollywood presented its first 2D Expo at Woodbury University in Burbank, Calif. The brainchild of animation historian ... Continue Reading →

Peter Gal, Director of Development, Buyer & Nick’s New Shorts Meister

Some of us have taken some pretty winding paths to our careers in animation, but few so winding (or so interesting) as Nickelodeon’s director of development, Peter Gal. Not only ... Continue Reading →

Harryhausen and Students Animate Annecy

Pressed for time between screenings, I want to quickly give you Animag readers a rundown of Annecy highlights. Opening night, during the first program of animated shorts in competition, ... Continue Reading →

Buyer’s Corner-Kevin Corcoran, President, Chief Buyer& Action Fan for Anime Network

Kevin Corcoran and I have a few things in common. We’re both Mac-heads and fans of giant robots. I’m not really sure what that means in the grand scheme of things, but I ... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Musica Found at Annecy

In addition to all the planned presentations and screenings, the Annecy International Festival of Animation offers a smorgasbord of unexpected events and marvelous chance meetings. ... Continue Reading →

Buyer’s Corner-Al Kahn, Buyer, Chief of Fox Box & Uber-Creator of Kids’ Crazes

Anyone who’s ever met Al Kahn knows he’s a memorable guy. Not only is he a definite personality, he’s the salesman who brought Pokémon to the States. Love him ... Continue Reading →

Buyer’s Corner-Donna Friedman Meir, Buyer and SellerFor National Geographic–and the World and All That’s in It

If you want to sell kids’ animation to the National Geographic Channel, you may be barking up the wrong tree. The channel, as Donna Friedman Meir explains, focuses on the 18-49 ... Continue Reading →

Buyer’s Corner-Alice Cahn, Buyer for Cartoon NetworkStill Room for Preschool Content ‘ and Laughs

Alice Cahn, VP of development for Cartoon Network’s kid businesses, is definitely in one of the most unique positions in the industry. Not only is she a buyer at Cartoon Network, ... Continue Reading →