Hallmark Preps Hoops & Yoyo Holiday Special

Hallmark’s popular online e-card characters Hoops and Yoyo will be starring in their own cable holiday movie in the near future. Hallmark Channel is developing a new animated ... Continue Reading →

Shrek, Chomet and Besson Set to Shine at Annecy

Screenings of Sylvain Chomet’s The Illusionist, a ‘work-in-progress’ sneak peek at Luc Besson’s feature The Mechanics of the Heart and the European premiere ... Continue Reading →

Enter the Green Gladiator

Will The Hulk find peace on a distant planet? Don’t count on it! A word to the wise: If you have a powerful, green superhero roaming your planet who does a great job of getting ... Continue Reading →

Revenge of the Euro Features

Don’t miss the 2010 edition of Cartoon Movie if you’re jonesing for a close look at what’s brewing in the hot, European animated melting pot! While acclaimed European ... Continue Reading →

The Heart-Breaking Happiness Machine

Polish director Tomek Bagiński discusses the making of his beautifully animated CG short The Kinematograph. Polish director Tomek Bagiński’s name is familiar to those ... Continue Reading →

Cranky Storytime

A curmudgeonly grandmother offers her view of a classic story in Brown Bag Films’ brilliant Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty. The talented animators at Dublin-based ... Continue Reading →

More Monkey Mayhem

Director Norton Virgien talks about making a terrific sequel to the 2006 movie, Curious George. It’s been almost seven decades since children’s book authors Margret and ... Continue Reading →

Cartoon Movie Freeze Frames

The Moomins and the Secret of the Comet Directed by Maria Lindberg If you grew up in Europe, chances are you are already under the spell of the Moomins, characters created by Finnish ... Continue Reading →

Gods and Monsters

How vfx supe Kevin Mack conjured up classic creatures and wondrous transformation scenes for the new fantasy pic Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. When you’re ... Continue Reading →

Books We Love

A Sketchy Past: The Art of Peter De S’ve By Peter De S’ve and Amid Amidi (Editions Akileos, $54.95) There are plenty of reasons why New York-based illustrator/character ... Continue Reading →