Rising Stars of Animation: The 2010 Edition

Picking a handful of rising stars in animation gets more difficult every year simply because there are so many more outstanding new shorts, TV series, web toons and movies coming our ... Continue Reading →

Gotta Love Them Texan Demons

TBS explores the hot world of animated sitcoms with the clever new summer show Neighbors from Hell. We’ve all seen our share of demons and monsters in the animated landscape, ... Continue Reading →

Back to the 31st Century Future

Bender, Fry and the rest of the Futurama gang are back with new adventures as they find a shiny new home on Comedy Central. When it comes to unpredictable destinies, the fate of the ... Continue Reading →

10 Things You Have to Do at Annecy This Year!

It’s the silver anniversary of one of the primo events in animation, and there will be so many screenings, panels, shows and celeb sightings in the works that you need to have ... Continue Reading →

May the Best Story Win!

Director Jean-Christophe Roger discusses the making of the charming new animated feature, Allez Raconte (Tell Me a Story). Although most of the international press has been writing ... Continue Reading →

Re-Animating the Moomins

Finland’s Filmkompaniet gives a familiar European children’s classic a shimmering 3-D polish. A white inquisitive hippo-shaped family of trolls prepares for the crash landing ... Continue Reading →

Sonic Bunny Hops Ahead with Okay Place to Eat

Scout Raskin of Burbank-based Sonic Bunny Productions wrote to let us know that the pilot for the studio’s Flash-animated, adult-skewing project An Okay Place to Eat is expected ... Continue Reading →

To Infinity, Beyond and Daycare!

Director Lee Unkrich and producer Darla Anderson share their thoughts on Toy Story 3, the third outing for Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang which may be their most popular and emotional ... Continue Reading →

The Best of Both Worlds

Teddy Newton’s exquisite new 3-D short Day and Night blends 2D and CG in a way we really haven’t seen before’and it has a great message too! Twelve drawings and a ... Continue Reading →

Licensing Show 2010: Spotting the Next Big Brand in Vegas

If you’re in the animation business and you’re not at the Annecy Festival this week, chances are you are attending the Licensing Intl. Expo held in Las Vegas from June 8-10. ... Continue Reading →