To Infinity, Beyond and Daycare!

Director Lee Unkrich and producer Darla Anderson share their thoughts on Toy Story 3, the third outing for Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang which may be their most popular and emotional ... Continue Reading →

The Best of Both Worlds

Teddy Newton’s exquisite new 3-D short Day and Night blends 2D and CG in a way we really haven’t seen before’and it has a great message too! Twelve drawings and a ... Continue Reading →

Licensing Show 2010: Spotting the Next Big Brand in Vegas

If you’re in the animation business and you’re not at the Annecy Festival this week, chances are you are attending the Licensing Intl. Expo held in Las Vegas from June 8-10. ... Continue Reading →

Shabnam Rezaei & Aly Jetha,Founders of Vancouver-based Big Bad Boo Studios

Animag Online: We’ve heard a lot of news about Big Bad Boo in the past few months. Can you update us about what’s new and exciting at the studio? Aly Jetha: Last time we ... Continue Reading →

What’s New with Our Pitch Party Winners

As the deadline for this year’s Pitch Party contest approaches, we thought it would be a good idea to check in with a couple of winners from last year’s edition to see what ... Continue Reading →

Monstroville Fundraiser/Contest Launches

If you’ve been wondering about new ways of funding your indie animated project, you may want to take a page from O’Neal Pignani’s book. The creative animation producer ... Continue Reading →

Next Media Animation Draws Attention to the News

You may not know Hong Kong-based Next Media Animation by name, but if you’ve watched the news in the past six months or check out YouTube clips regularly, you have certainly seen ... Continue Reading →

Don Bluth to Speak at AnimationNation Night in Burbank

If you are in Los Angeles this Tuesday (May 25), you won’t want to miss a special evening of conversation with animation legend Don Bluth put together by Charles Zembillas and ... Continue Reading →

Glenn Eichler, Co-creator of Daria

In conjunction with the release of MTV/Paramount’s Daria: The Complete Animated Series on DVD, we got in touch with Glenn Eichler, who co-created the show with Susie Lewis Lynn. ... Continue Reading →

Metropia, Mr. Fox and One Piece to Screen at Annecy

The event organizers of the Annecy International Festival of Animation have unveiled the feature film line-up for this year’s 50th Anniversary edition (June 7-12). The six animated ... Continue Reading →