Get Ready for Chinese Zodiac Action!

Keefe Entertainment and Animation Development Co. prepare their big Z-Force attack. If you need to hear someone speak passionately about the changing paradigms in children’s entertainment ... Continue Reading →

Action Hero Father Knows Best

It’s been two years since Woodland Hillsbased Animation Development Company and Toonzone Studios teamed up to work on their first joint venture, a great-looking toon called Action ... Continue Reading →

Idiots and Angels Begins L.A. Run

Mention indie animation and Bill Plympton’s name is the first to pop to mind. Since the mid-1980s, the New York-based animator has entertained audiences with his unique and quirky ... Continue Reading →

My Dog Tulip Debuts in Los Angeles

L.A. audiences will finally get a chance to enjoy Paul and Sandra Fierlinger’s well-reviewed animated feature My Dog Tulip this Friday, as the movie begins in run at the Nuart Theater. ... Continue Reading →

A Swashbuckling Saladin Debuts at MIPCOM

Saladin, a 12th century Middle Eastern hero who ruled over Egypt, Syria, Meospotamia, Hejaz and Yemen, and was widely admired for his chivalrous behavior towards followers of all religious ... Continue Reading →

Italy’s VIEW Offers Four Days of Top-Notch CG Panels and Workshops

If you happen to be traveling around Europe next month and want to take in an informative and fun confab about the global state of CG animation and visual effects, you should check ... Continue Reading →

Mike and Tim Rauch on Animating StoryCorps

The real-life story of a 27-year romance is the inspiration for Danny and Annie, an animated short made by brothers Tim and Mike Rauch as part of the StoryCorps project for NPR, PBS ... Continue Reading →

Disney to Use Foundry’s Mari Technology

Software developer The Foundry has made a new deal with Disney studios to advance 3D texture painting techniques. Disney will incorporate elements of its internally developed Paint ... Continue Reading →

Autodesk Fluid FX Debuts on App Store

Autodesk Fluid FX Debuts on App Store The new Autodesk Fluid FX App is now available on the App Store. Users can now play with a nice variety of digital effects such as smoke, fire ... Continue Reading →

Pelswick Creator John Callahan Dies at 59

Acclaimed cartoonist and creator of Nelvana/Nickelodeon’s animated series Pelswick John Callahan died last past Saturday (July 24). Callahan was confined to a wheelchair after ... Continue Reading →