Belt It Out!

Most people think an understated approach to your job search is both respected and desired. We are not trained on how to self-promote and celebrate our accomplishments particularly ... Continue Reading →

Are You Under-Employed?

You may not be one of the millions who are knocking on doors, scouring the job boards and filling out their bi-weekly UED forms, but you may just be as lost and confused as your unemployed ... Continue Reading →

Your Career: The Walking Dead

Like zombies looking for their next meal, your career can start to resemble the survival of the last few humans looking to escape the clutches of a hungry mob. Someone once said, ... Continue Reading →

Living In A Material World …

We all get caught up in questioning the reasons why we choose to work. Some of us think it’s the only way to build a career and follow your life’s dream. Others see it as a means ... Continue Reading →

Career Dating

Maybe you are afraid to commit? Maybe you like the feeling that you can test the merchandise before you buy?  Or maybe, you are like one of my friends whose theory about finding ... Continue Reading →

Claim Your Career

Like anything you own, occupy or truly possess, you career needs to be treasured like a sacred piece of land. You just don’t stumble into your career these days, you need to claim ... Continue Reading →

Harvesting The Fruits of Your Labor

Now that harvest time is about to turn into Halloween, you don’t need to put on your “fright night” outfit in order to scare away the job-seeking blues. Instead, think about ... Continue Reading →

You Are Not Your Job!

Most of us when asked, “What do you do?” feel compelled to respond to this seemingly innocuous question in creative and profound terms. “Oh, I’m a writer” or “I am a division ... Continue Reading →

Do You Have a Plan B?

So maybe you’ve been focusing on your Plan A now for quite sometime without any real momentum. Or maybe you’ve been striking out but somehow you keep thinking it’s going to come ... Continue Reading →

Creating Your Creative Career

Pursuing your creative career whether it be in animation, film, television, art & design, doesn’t mean you have to give up your creative-self when looking for a job. So ... Continue Reading →