Earl Meets the Chipmunks

NBC’s My Name is Earl star Jason Lee is set to star as David Seville in the CG/live-action hybrid film Alvin and the Chipmunks for Fox 2000 and Fox Animation. The script is written ... Continue Reading →

Captain America 1941-2007

Birthed onto comic book pages and into the imaginations of 10 year-old boys worldwide when America was getting ready to push Adolf Hitler onto the dust heap of history, Captain America ... Continue Reading →

The Heat Is On: NVIDIA Unveils Next Generation Game Development Platform

Unlike most trade shows, the Game Developers Conference often delivers actual news daily. Topping today’s activity from this year’s iteration currently underway in San ... Continue Reading →

Xbox to Rock With Mucho Memory

As much a Scotty always needed more dilithium crystals, gamers can always use more memory. To that end, Microsoft has announced plans to sell a 512MB memory unit for the wildly popular ... Continue Reading →

Fox Family Voicetones A Big Hit

While it’s still not as a big a part of the cell phone business as once hoped for, revenue from the sale of ringtones and voicetones has been a nice boost to a number of content ... Continue Reading →

Gotham Gets New Anime Channel 24/7

Anime fans in New York City have a whole new reason to call in sick or develop a job they can do at home. Texas-based FUNimation Entertainment has announced that the FUNimation Channel ... Continue Reading →

Roy Disney Feted at Cartoons on the Bay

It’s been a mixed few years for Roy Disney, nephew of the legendary Walt Disney. He was unceremoniously kicked off the Disney board, later to see his nemesis Michael Eisner publicly ... Continue Reading →

CG Snails and Rat Slither to SIGGRAPH

Animated shorts about a New York city rat and two lovelorn mechanical snails have received the top honors for SIGGRAPH 2006. The Computer Animation Festival’s content as well ... Continue Reading →

Ubisoft/Viz Media To Box Naruto

One of the world’s largest video game publishers, Ubisoft, has signed a licensing agreement with VIZ Media, LLC, to develop video games based on VIZ’s popular Shonen Jump’s ... Continue Reading →

New Casper Film Scares Up A-List Voice Cast

These days it seems, all people want to really do in Hollywood isn’t direct, it’s to voice a character in an animated feature. The latest case in point: Casper producer ... Continue Reading →