Good News/Bad News/Expensive News for HD Disc Fans

While format wars of the past have been good in the long run for innovation, they’ve been hell on consumer wallets. The latest example? Because of format wars in the bright new ... Continue Reading →

TV2 Adds Lola & Virginia to Roster at MIP

On the heels of a number of similar recent deals, Spanish indie Icon Animation has sold its popular girl-skewed show Lola & Virginia to TV2 Norway at this year’s MIPTV in ... Continue Reading →

Animal Logic Takes On Joy

Booming Aussie vfx and CG animation house Animal Logic has announced that Karin Joy has joined the company as head of film visual effects production. She will be responsible for overseeing ... Continue Reading →

Nick Gets Creepie

Taffy Entertainment and Nickelodeon International have reached a comprehensive agreement that will see the Emmy-nominated Growing Up Creepie on Nickelodeon schedules in early 2008 in ... Continue Reading →

Hunger Bombs, Robinsons Strong

The Gen-Y quasi re-make of the Alfred Hitchcock classic Rear Window took first place in this weekend’s box office derby. But it was the holdovers that made the bigger headlines.While ... Continue Reading →

HIT Buys Worldwide Magic. Plans TV, Toy Roll-out

For most parents of a three year old, HIT Entertainment basically rocks. HIT allows parents to assuage their guilt at planting their child in front of the TV for a twenty minute respite ... Continue Reading →

TiVo and Amazon Launch Video Download Service

Marketing synergy can only happen if the basic laws of introducing a new consumer product are followed. The new product has to look and feel like something consumers already have and ... Continue Reading →

Pokemon in Battle for Wi-Fi Wii

Wii has been one of the biggest surprises in the game industry in recent memory. Last November in the run-up to Christmas 2006, Nintendo sold 476,000 units of the Wii video game console, ... Continue Reading →

New Home is Where Your PS3 Is

When it finally got its production-delayed PlayStation 3 to market late last year, Sony got pasted in the Christmas sales derby by Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox. At ... Continue Reading →

45 Million U.S. Households Got Game

The good folks at Nielsen Media Research, who seem to count everything, are saying that over 45 million US households now have a video game system of some kind. That represents an 18 ... Continue Reading →