Argentina’s RedLojo Gets Animated

Veteran Argentinian film and TV producer Jorge Rodriguez, is goosing up his company’s recent entry into the animation business. Rodriguez is head of Buenos Aires-based RedLojo ... Continue Reading →

Mirage Studio Pro On Sale Today

Mirage Studio Pro, the latest addition to the Mirage 2D animation product line, is officially on the market as of tomorrow morning. The new software integrates both the Bauhaus Animator’s ... Continue Reading →

You’ve Got A Deal: Mouse House/AOL Sign Narnia Pact

The Walt Disney Studios and AOL have announced an exclusive content partnership through which AOL web sites will offer movie fans a first look at photos, artwork, behind-the-scenes ... Continue Reading →

Sci-Fi Channel Grabs Ring Saga

The Sci-Fi Channel has acquired the rights to Ring of the Nibelungs. The hit fantasy-adventure miniseries from Tandem Communications was Germany’s most successful TV movie of ... Continue Reading →

Sony Electronics Keeping It Reel Debuts 4K Projector

After years of bickering over whom will foot the bill for it, the Holy Grail of digital cinema seems to be coming closer to reality. The major studios and the big exhibition chains ... Continue Reading →

Can U Pic’s Doom, Fox’s Hitman Succeed Where Others Have Failed?

When it comes to video games transmogrifying into feature films, the B-school logic of the MBA studio marketing teams isn’t hard to figure out (think of a boardroom filled with ... Continue Reading →

Fanning Gathering Rosebuds While She’s Young

Whether young Dakota Fanning will be able to make an Elizabeth Taylor-like transition from child star to grown up actor remains to be seen. Whatever the future holds, her current career ... Continue Reading →

If You Can’t Lick ‘Em, Have Them Join You

A Norwegian hacker hero has been hired by a San Diego, California-based digital music service. The Associated Press is reporting that Jon Lech Johansen a.k.a "DVD Jon" began ... Continue Reading →

Lagoon Creature To Make Comeback With Eisner Scion

Michael Eisner is out of work, but son Breck is going from strength to strength. Eisner is now set to direct a re-make of Universal’s Creature From the Black Lagoon with Gary ... Continue Reading →

Blu-ray Gains More Traction Over HD DVD

The major trades are reporting today that Warner Bros. has come over to Sony’s Blu-ray platform. For reasons known only to God, the industry still seems to have a hard time remembering ... Continue Reading →