Introduction to Level Designs for PC Games By Andy Clayton

Clayton’s well-researched tome covers almost all the steps and details of game development from planning to lighting to texture. The author also spends the time to explain the ... Continue Reading →

EZQuest’s USB 2.0 Cobra harddrive

EZQuest’s new line of USB 2.0 hard drives are available in 40, 60, 80, 120 and even 250GB. The Cobra 250 GB USB 2.0 drive we tested delivered the superb transfer rate of 470 MB/S. ... Continue Reading →

Pioneer DVR-A05U

The Pioneer DVR-A05U is one of the most reliable DVD writers on the market right now. It is versatile and very easy to use. The DVR-A05U executes well when authoring DVD video onto ... Continue Reading →

Digimation’s Stitch Lite

Ask animators about the difficulties of simulating cloth in 3D and their tales of woe will fill up a whole book. For a while, 3D cloth simulators raised some hope in providing a fast ... Continue Reading →

Corel’s Painter 8

In the mid ’90s Fractal Design’s Painter (Fractal Design was eventually purchased by Metacreations which, in turn, was eventually purchased by Corel) was a computer artist’s ... Continue Reading →

ADS Pyro A/V Link

Sometimes when we have the choice of spending a lot to pay for a device that we need or finding a creative solution instead, we can make some curious decisions. For example, I had been ... Continue Reading →

Technical Animation & Video’s 3ds max 5 Training DVD Set

We all know that it’s not easy to be a good teacher, and that’s the reason why useful training materials are hard to find. There are more instructional materials published ... Continue Reading →

Compaq’s Evo N800w

Animators, game developers and artists dealing with digital video have always been on the lookout for a portable workstation that offers them both power and mobility. During the past ... Continue Reading →

Sonic Foundry Vegas 4 DVD

There’s no need for PC users to envy the MAC pack over their usage of the powerful and top-notch Final Cut Pro for non-linear editing projects. For under $700 (street price), ... Continue Reading →

HP XW 5000

Anyone who has ever tried to show a client a DVD of a project on a PC workstation while running a power-demanding software can tell you horror stories about how the DVD can start skipping ... Continue Reading →