Wondertouch’s ParticleIllusion 3.0

ParticleIllusion is a stand-alone particle effects application that utilizes Open GL hardware acceleration to produce near or real-time renders. It has been used in big-budget studio ... Continue Reading →

3COM’s OfficeConnect Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway and Wireless LAN Access Point 8200

The new 3Com OfficeConnect wireless cable/DSL gateway and the 3Com Wireless LAN Access Point 8200 helped me get over my networking phobia. Both devices were easy to install and didn’t ... Continue Reading →

ATI’s FIRE GL X1-128 Graphics Card

The Fire GL X1-128 is one of ATI’s latest products and boasts better performance than most other graphic cards out there. It can handle tons of textures and high poly models with ... Continue Reading →

MindAvenue’s AXELedge V2

MindAvenue’s AXELedge V2 is an interactive web authoring software designed for 3D modeling. After going through a few tutorials, I was able to create some interactive objects ... Continue Reading →

Avid’s Xpress Pro

Avid Xpress Pro offers the same tools high-end Avid products are famous for, plus DV resolution. You can work on a low-res version of your movie in Xpress and then transfer your final ... Continue Reading →

HP Workstation xw4100

The super speedy xw4100 workstation that I tested came with a 3.0GHz/800 Pentium 4 processor, an 80GB harddrive, six USB ports (two front ones), three firewire ports, one DVD+R/+RW, ... Continue Reading →

Next Limit’s RealWave 2.0

RealWave is a physically-based water and ocean simulation plug-in that can even track the propagation of gravitational waves on a mesh. RealWave 2 creates waves by a simple mouse click, ... Continue Reading →

Digital Video s.r.l.’s Toonz Animation Board 2.0 (The Tab)

This intuitive software for web animation allows you to draw directly into the computer. It also offers a revolutionary approach to handling vectors; instead of grabbing vector points, ... Continue Reading →

3D Nature’s World Construction Set 6

If you’re in the market for creating brave, new worlds, alien planets, or actual geographical locations rich with streams, lakes and flowers, World Construction Set 6 can be your ... Continue Reading →

Npower Software’s Power Booleans 2.0 (for 3DS MAX)

This plug-in for 3ds max and Rhino helps animators create complex models and shapes with quality meshes and fewer faces. This new version features Level Editing and Quad Meshing. The ... Continue Reading →