Animation Magazine’s Oscar Watch Part 3 of 4: Surveying the VFX Fireworks

Alternate realities, science fiction, action adventure, thrillers, children’s stories, graphic novels, mysteries’this year, visual effects crews peppered films in all these ... Continue Reading →

Out of the Blue

How years of R&D, a revolutionary virtual camera system and long hours of detailed performance capture and keyframe animation gave birth to the 3-D, magical world of James Cameron’s ... Continue Reading →

Making Mayan Mayhem

No question about it: Audiences will get their money’s worth of eye-popping, end-of-the-world vfx in Roland Emmerich’s disaster movie, 2012. This month’s disaster-zeitgeist ... Continue Reading →

The Giant Lobster-Heads of Summer

The Toronto-based vfx team behind Syfy’s new hit series, Warehouse 13, discuss the fine art of creating a cornucopia of paranormal artifacts. Start with a little Indiana Jones ... Continue Reading →

SIGGRAPH Quick Bytes: Final Day

Balance It’s odd to think of a product that won a Technical Achievement Award in 2002 from the Academy as ‘new,’ but ScienceD claims that its match-moving software ... Continue Reading →

SIGGRAPH Quick Bytes: Day Three

Visualization in the Pipeline I started my day by moderating a panel on pitchvis, previs, postvis, and it was great. Rick Sayre from Pixar, Rob Bredow from Sony Pictures Imageworks, ... Continue Reading →

Quick Bytes from SIGGRAPH: Day Two

SCAD Welcomes Scott Ross The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) announced a new and powerful executive advisor to School of Film, Digital Media and Performing Arts: Scott Ross, ... Continue Reading →

SUPINFOCOM Finds Super Success at SIGGRAPH

Each year, SIGGRAPH highlights some of the best animated films created with computer graphics at its annual festival, and each year, the students from one school are always among the ... Continue Reading →

Building an Island of Lost Souls

How the sharp crew at ILM helped shape the breath-taking, fiery climax for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Toward the end of Warner Bros.’ film Harry Potter and the Half-Blood ... Continue Reading →

To South America and Beyond

Up, the 10th feature from John Lasseter’s unbeatable hit-making studio is described as a ‘coming of old age’ movie and travels to some unchartered territories. Sometimes ... Continue Reading →