In Her Own Words

Voice actor Erica Schroeder discusses the benefits of a musical education and why quicker is often better. By Mark J. Lerner. As a junior member of the Baboon team, I assisted on the ... Continue Reading →

Behind the Mic

  The recording studio challenges writers, directors and actors to unite emotion, comedy and authenticity. By Mark J. Lerner. One of the services Baboon Animation offers is voice ... Continue Reading →

Breaking Into The Biz, Part 2

How will you get your start in the animation writing game? Last issue, we spoke to three of Baboon’s team of award-winning scribblers, who each got their break using one classic ... Continue Reading →

Breaking Into The Biz

It’s the first question on the minds of countless eager students and budding professionals: How do you get your start in the animation business? We’ve asked a couple of Baboon’s ... Continue Reading →

Ask a Baboon Ask A Baboon – Issue #253

Putting More Spring in Your Springboard, Part 1 Think of your favorite episode of your favorite cartoon… Got it? Well, guess what – the perfect plot, the ingenious jokes: those ... Continue Reading →

Ask A Baboon – Issue #250

Comedy Is When A Bird Hits A Pig … Twice Our writers explore the fine lines between slapstick, ... Continue Reading →

Silent But Funny

Writing duo discusses the challenges of making people laugh without using dialog on Angry Birds Toons. Comedy is when a bird hits a pig — and Baboons are writing for them both. Yes, ... Continue Reading →

Ask A Baboon – Issue #248

Jymn Magon: The Coolest Writer You’ve Never Heard Of? If you’re like me – freshly graduated and clawing a path for yourself in the tough, sometimes even cutthroat animation biz ... Continue Reading →

Ask A Baboon – Issue #246

Do The Write Thing? Talents talk writing visually, the influence of concept and character art, and how to handle experimental scenes. So you’re breaking into the cartoon-writing racket. ... Continue Reading →

Ask A Baboon – Issue #244

Birth of a Baboon Joe Vitale turns the tables on Mike de Seve and interviews him about his career in animation and how collective became a reality. Mike de Seve From Beavis and Butt-Head ... Continue Reading →